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Small Parties & Showers

Looking for a place to host a party or shower? Look no further! The Depot off Main rents our Blumberg Room or our Newberry Room individually for gatherings up to 50 people! These small events can be booked Monday through Thursday at any time. Friday through Sunday can only be booked 30 days prior to the event day

4 hour rental for $650 (Blumberg Room)

4 hour rental for $1,000 (Newberry Room)


- An additional table with 10 chairs and tablecloth can be added for $100 per table

- Additional hours can be accommodated for $150 per added hour. 

What is included in your rental?

The Blumberg Room is equipped with a warming kitchen, with commercial coffee and tea brewers, and a triple basin sink. 

With this rental, 2 Bathrooms are available for your guests.

5 Round Tables, with 10 Fruitwood Chivary Chairs per table, 2 Rectangle Banquet tables & the table cloths for all 7 tables is included in the rental price.

The noticeable difference between our Newberry Room and our Blumberg rental is that the Newberry Room rental comes with a much larger kitchen, a separate bar area, and full use of the Parlor Room as well.

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